Happy Valentine’s Day!

We don’t need a holiday to make us think about how much can change in one year,
but looking back at our little valentine last year really does remind us.


Our big girl valentine this year…



Last year, Kenley had just started in her new class after switching daycare providers,
so you can imagine my surprise when she came home with valentines from her classmates.
She is very excited to pass out valentines to her friends this year.

There are so many adorable (non-candy related) toddler valentines on Pinterest,
but as soon as I stumbled upon this idea, I stopped looking any further.
Kenley loves these little fruit pouches, so I knew they would be perfect for her friends.
I made the cards in Publisher with this fun font.
I went with an ombre effect in red and pink for the font color and loved how it turned out.
They were quick and easy, always a big win for a working mom on the go!



I had all these great ideas for decorating for Valentine’s Day this year
and I didn’t do one of them, not a single one.
I’m going to brush it off and try to get ahead by moving right along to Easter,
or maybe just forget holidays all together and decorate for spring.

We were able to do a couple fun food-related Valentine’s Day treats.


Cookies for co-workers!


Heart shaped ham & cheese for a little girl’s lunch.


Pink, heart-shaped pancakes made with love for his girls.

Finally, Kenley got a Cupig from Great Grandma & Pa, she LOVED it!
Here is a glimpse… I think she played it at least 10 times after she opened it.

Now that song will be stuck in your head for days…
you’re welcome.

Happy Valentine’s Day!