my weekend in photos


ready for a friday evening bike ride


she can get down the stairs all by herself now…


working on my last february quilt block… since it’s now march.
i’ll be sharing my progress so far, hopefully soon!


our kitchen update prompted us to get on the ball again with replacing our door handles,
one by one, little by little.
obviously, the new and improved pantry definitely needed a new one.


how can you pass up this guy for $2 on amazon?


kenley and i headed to the arena sunday to see disney live! since greg was working.


we had great seats… perks of the job. and kenley loved it!


oh you know, just some mermaids rocking out to single ladies.


kenley, who doesn’t sit still for anything, sat through the entire show.
she was mesmerized and loved seeing mickey & minnie. after every song she said “more”.


after the show, we headed down to see lisa, who is here for work.
we had a great time catching up and had dinner at bahama breeze. yum!


i’ve been horrible about taking pictures only with my phone,
so next weekend i’m going to grace you with some actual camera photos.

how was your weekend?

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