17 Months!

How it is March 19th already, I don’t know. This month’s post really snuck up on us.
It’s been crazy busy, in a good way, here in the Gilbertson household,
and the rest of March isn’t slowing down.

Kenley is changing every single day. It seems like each day she says 10 new words.
I know that’s not really the case, but she is full out repeating anything and everything,
so be careful what you say around her.
The last word of most of our sentences is repeated (or attempted to be repeated).
She still loves talking about her friends each day and her teachers say that she goes around the room pointing to each of them, saying their names aloud.
Likewise, she points to Mommy, Daddy, and Kenley a lot at home, reminding each of us who we are.
The girl really just loves to talk, I wonder who she gets that from?

You would be able to understand most of her words, but there are still some that we can probably only understand.
She is starting to recite some lines of her favorite books, which may be a clue to us to get some new books.
Her favorite book right now is Goodnight Gorilla.
She woke up this weekend saying “gorilla” and we read it twice before breakfast.
On a typical night, we’ll read 7-10 books before bed, and during the weekend days, add in about 10 more.
She loves to read!

Some of her other favorite things right now are CUPS!
She has stackable cups that she has scattered all over her room and in the bath;
there are cups that go with her play kitchen;
and she loves to pull out all the (clean) cups out of the dishwasher.


I am happy to report that dinner time is getting somewhat easier.
We are still eating dinner together earlier in the evening and it’s going very well,
other than the fact that I haven’t gotten on the ball with running yet.
There was an entire week this month where Kenley scarfed down everything we put in front of her.
From spaghetti to shrimp & grilled peppers, she ate it all without one complaint.
She has since put up a fight about a meal here or there, but she eventually gives in if she’s hungry enough.
There was another night where Greg made her homemade pizza on an English muffin,
but she ate two servings of peas and didn’t take one bite of pizza.
We can’t really complain about that.

Kenley still has those 12 teethers in there, but we have been working on some new ones this weekend.
I wish I could explain the amount of drool happening over here.
We’re practically swimming in it.
Poor girl was not a happy camper the past couple of days.
Let’s hope they come in quickly!

Finally, I’ll leave you with some silliness.

Happy 17 months!

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