my weekend in photos

have no fear, we’re still here. we took a vacation day today to extend our weekend.


we had no ice at lunch on friday, but how could you be upset with a sign like this?


a couple rough days of teething & drooling meant lots of laundry by friday.
that’s a total of 14 outfits in six days.


greg went to a concert friday night, so i enjoyed some march madness & sewing.


saturday morning, i helped out sally {sally sarah designs} at a craft show.
how adorable is her table?


jessie + andrew got married!


we had a wonderful night away enjoying adult conversation & time together.


you can’t argue with drinking out of a mason jar.


the entire evening was absolutely beautiful and filled with love!
we had such a good time celebrating the happy couple
(who i failed to get a picture of because my phone died).


holly hoosier helped us cheer on the hoosiers to victory sunday!
not without a couple heart attacks in the process though.


we enjoyed our extra day off at the braves/mets spring training game at disney.


kenley loved the game & cheered every time something happened.


let’s go mets!


great entertainment.


we’ve been very happy to have meemaw here.


we had a fun weekend and are looking forward to a fun spring break week ahead!
back to the real world tomorrow though.
how was your weekend?

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