my weekend in photos


part one: we made some improvements to our laundry room! i’m hoping to get it finished next weekend & share soon.
part two: freshly stripped diapers. so fresh and so clean.


enjoying time with meemaw and gee-paw before they departed on their second leg of spring break.


brunch at keke’s. yum yum yum.


alone time at target. it never gets old. never. ever.


lots of march madness. and i’m ok with that.
although, it would have been more fun watching the hoosiers this weekend :: sigh ::


checking out what the easter bunny brought!


sporting her new backpack before church.


lowe’s was empty on easter sunday. who would have thought?


he is risen! he is risen indeed!


we had a wonderful, easter weekend with family & friends.
how was your weekend?

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