my weekend in photos


this is what our friday night consisted of, much like the rest of america, i’m sure.
as soon as kenley went to bed, we sat ourselves in front of the tv, computer, twitter screens,
watching the events unfold. much love to the people of boston and watertown.


saturday morning began bright and early at ikea.
i’m happy to report the piggy-tails lasted the entire trip!


errands continued saturday. this is what happens when you have a crappy cart,
and are shopping alone with an 18 month old…just have it. ha.


we headed to sea world sunday morning for the first time!


we chose not to touch the sting rays this time.


she loved the dolphins!


watching the dolphins from below.




so awesome!


kenley talked about the “big turtle” later in the day.


hanging with daddy.


this was the best picture i got of them, being twins!


first ride! i call it a merry-go-round, while i’m pretty sure the rest of the world calls it a carousel.

2 thoughts on “my weekend in photos

  1. Love these pics. Kenley is so adorable. I don’t know how your Mom can stand it living so far away from her. And I call it a merry-go-round too. Come see us next time you are home. I want to see that baby girl. She is growing so fast!!

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