my weekend in photos


we had visitors this weekend! maggi & greg were here from pittsburgh!

Date night! #friendlyconfines #inorlando #notchicago

we hit up friendly confines friday night for some good food and the pens game.


saturday included pedis with the girls.


and some serious party decorating.


so happy to have this girl here.


mango margaritas to celebrate cinco de mayo! virgin for me, lots of tequila for everyone else.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! #latergram

kenley loved cinco de mayo and all the chips that were involved.


this is what our sunday morning consisted of.
she pulled out every single pant, short, and skirt, tried to put it on, then threw it.
why do i feel this is a prelude for 15 years from now.


we had such a fun weekend with friends & our amazing visitors,
celebrating cinco de mayo!

how was your weekend?

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