my weekend in photos

happy saturday morning from the walking towel dog.


after debating for a while about getting our front landscaping done, we finally bit the bullet.


holy cow, we are so excited. i’m too embarrassed to show you what it looked like before, but you can imagine the hot mess.


while work was being done on the outside, i was doing work on the inside.
i am thrilled that our never ending laundry room projects are finally done!


i was literally craving iced coffee all day on saturday. i finally made some around 7pm.
it was worth the wait.


she loved wearing my cozy socks.

someone loved the mother’s day card i got from daddy. we danced a lot this morning.


i will spare you photos of my wonderful food today, but every single meal i had was delicious.
kenley was in shock of our milkshake, but obviously loved it. how could she not? look at that thing!


if she could be outside all day long, she definitely would.


our only attempt at a picture today, i’ll take it.


we had a great, relaxing weekend, napping whenever kenley decided to take a nap,
and not worrying about doing anything.
i had a wonderful mother’s day with my two favorite people.
how was your weekend?

happy mother’s day to all those wonderful mommies out there!

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