my weekend in photos

i was flying solo most of the weekend while greg worked.
actually, the last five nights i have been sans husband, which has been tough.
mad props to those parents/spouses who travel or stay home alone most of the week.
god bless your little hearts.


kenley had a doctor’s appointment late afternoon friday, which put us home a tad early.
which meant, more time for a wagon ride before dinner!
no matter how many times i told her that that was “mommy’s water” she *had* to hold it.

BFFs #ABeautifulMess @mjenkinson501

we stopped by kyler’s house for a little piano playing action.


saturday morning i took pictures at our friends’ son’s soccer game. a team full of 3-5 year olds.
we got a glimpse into our future in a couple years. sheer chaos i tell you.

Best Amazon purchase ever. Obsessed with these and found them for $3/box. Steal. #igetsnacksdeliveredtomydoorstep

i was about ready to kill the fed ex guy who obnoxiously rang the doorbell as soon as kenley was asleep,
then i saw what he brought and i forgave him.
yes, i have my snacks delivered to my door. amazon prime for the win.


thanks to the jenkinsons who set up the fun waterpark in their backyard,
the girls got to beat the heat on saturday… which felt like the hottest day of my life.


kenley and i visited daddy at work and watched some of the cirque du soleil show quidam.
we didn’t get to stay for the whole thing due to an antsy girl, but what we saw was good.


since my husband wasn’t home to feed me dinner, our sweet friends stepped in.
kenley had fun playing with charlie and margot too!

Someone is a happy camper. #learninghowtobeabigsis #someassemblyrequired #imeanalot

between fighting nap time and some teething tantrums today,
kenley loooooved playing with her new baby and stroller.
i have a feeling she’ll be a great big sister…minus chucking the baby across the room.


we are so so so happy to have daddy back this week at a decent hour
and are anxiously waiting a much needed, long weekend getaway coming at the end of the week.
how was your weekend?

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