18 Weeks {Round 2}

I swear I just posted an update yesterday, but I guess it’s been two weeks.
I am getting bigger, but I think that I am actually looking the appropriate size for 18 weeks,
and I don’t feel as ginormous as previous weeks, but then I see this picture and yikes!


More importantly, for the last week I have been able to feel baby G2 moving around in there!
I don’t remember exactly when I started feeling Kenley move, but I don’t think it was this early.
A couple nights ago, I swear I could have felt a little kick from the outside, but no such luck yet.
I am excited for more movement to come!!

I am still feeling good and no crazy food cravings these past two weeks.
Kenley and I have been eating a lot of pickles though.
The girl loves them, just like her mama, but only the zesty (slightly spicy) ones…
NOT the bread & butter flavor.
They were buy one, get one free at Publix last week and we’ve almost polished off two jars of them. Yum!

I went to my first prenatal yoga class last week and I really enjoyed it.
Confession, it was actually my first yoga class ever!
I am much more of a cardio person, so if the activity doesn’t cause me to sweat profusely,
then I don’t think it’s much of a workout. I think I may start becoming a yoga person though,
if nothing else, for the stretching alone, which I am very bad on my own.

More next week! Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “18 Weeks {Round 2}

  1. Oh my goodness – you look fabulous! I’m glad you’ve come across prenatal yoga. I loved it when I was pregnant with Madeleine and felt so empowered doing it at 39 weeks!

  2. Your belly is adorable! It took me so long to get into yoga, my mom spent at least 5 years trying to convince me. I just wasn’t feeling it and it never seemed like a good workout. Then I found a vinyasa flow class near our house and I am loving it. It is great for flexibility but because it is so much movement, it is great cardio too! You just have to try out a few different kinds I think to see what you like, though you may be more limited with prenatal. XO

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