19 Weeks {Round 2}

We were able to see baby G2 yesterday at our 19 week ultrasound!
I could sit there for hours and just watch baby move around in there.
We got some good pictures and everything with baby looks great!



We went into the ultrasound planning to not find out the gender,
and even after a minor freak out on my part, we stayed strong.
Greg made a good point that it would be silly to make a last minute decision
in the moment that we may regret later. If we decide later to find out, then ok,
but we were not going to find out yesterday. Decision made. Shew!
Turns out, baby was in on it too. Our doctor doesn’t even know
because the little booger’s legs were crossed the entire time.
As of now, there is no risk of anyone mistakenly revealing the gender to us.



I am feeling so good right now and I am so thankful for that.
No food aversions at all… actually quite the opposite. I will eat anything and everything in sight and I have no problem doing so.
I am off the juice kick and have still been chugging water because the “dying of thirst” continues.
I have minor aches and pains here or there,
but overall, I’m really loving the second trimester, just like last time.
I appreciate all the comments and “welcomes” to the yoga community
and I am happy to say that I’ve been to two Hatha mix classes since my last post that I really enjoyed.
Unfortunately, I’ve been put on pelvic rest, low activity & no lifting, etc.
for at least 5-6 weeks, so yoga (and many, many other activities) are off the table.
Major bummer. 


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