my weekend in photos


school was closed on friday, which meant kenley was home.
we celebrated by running errands and stopped for a donut to celebrate
national doughnut day! yum!

saturday morning, the big ten network was replaying the iu/kentucky game from 2011.
we caught the end of it and explained to kenley exactly where she was
and what we were doing when watford hit the game winning shot.
she is really getting into all things indiana and i couldn’t be more happy about that.
the red shirt was a coincidence. she’s really wearing her christmas pjs. awesome.

Happy 1st birthday Margot! @sallysarahdsgn

we celebrated margot’s first birthday later in the day.
it was adorable, and so fun!


kenley and kyler reading books together at bedtime before their mini-sleepover.


most of the weekend was spent painting and organizing the office / my craft area.
i’m excited to share the updates… boy, what a difference a little paint makes.


ready to hit the road for sea world!


this is as close as we got to the penguins today.
hopefully, we’ll try again next weekend.


we had a good weekend and my love/hate relationship with painting continues,
but this weekend i’m actually loving it.
i did not, however, do much resting, so that will be the goal this week.

how was your weekend?

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