20 Weeks [Round Two]

While I still feel like the weeks are creeping by, I cannot believe we’re already at the halfway mark.
I had a routine check up Tuesday and all is well with baby G2. Heartbeat was 130 bpm,
which is on the lower end of the normal 120-150 range.
What does that mean? Are boys known to have slower heart rates or girls?

It’s funny to read that I was only in maternity clothes for a couple weeks at this point last time,
since I’ve been wearing maternity clothes for about 9 weeks now.
I really wish I could wear these maternity leggings every single day. They are so comfy.
I put them on as soon as I walk in the door each day.


We are making some progress on the nursery, but it’s a much slower process this time around.
It seems like we’ve been bouncing back and forth between different projects & rooms,
making it hard to focus on the nursery. Plus, it doesn’t help that I think I’ve decided on
something, then I change my mind two days later and want to do something totally different.
It was much easier with Kenley’s room, I knew exactly what I wanted and had a clear vision.
I’m hoping to share some inspiration with you soon!

I’ve become bored to death with regular water, so I’ve been trying some new things.
The Arizona Arnold Palmers are delightful, but I’ve also discovered the citrus flavored sparkling water from Whole Foods
thanks to being a little bit early to my doctor’s appointment this week.
I’ll be stopping there from now on when I go for my checkups.
I’m still eating anything and everything in sight, with exceptions of Amy’s Burritos.
These used to be my go-to for quick lunches, but since the first semester nausea, I’ve been totally turned off by them.
Hopefully my love for them will return, but at this point, I’m not sure.

This could be my new favorite drink. Good thing my doctor's office is right by Whole Foods!

We have a couple busy weeks coming up, so I will be trying to rest any chance I get,
but we’re really looking forward to our little babymoon that is right around the corner!

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