my weekend in photos

Birchbox and pj pants before 7pm. I'll take it! #happyfriday

a long day at work meant i was in my pjs by 7pm, actually more like 6:30pm, but who’s counting?
i also came home to my birchbox this month, which was fun to go through, as usual.


we did some major work on the house this weekend (greg mostly), but here is your sneak peek.


breakfast is not complete without your baby & a backpack.

It's summer!  #nomnomnom #america

we had an all-american dinner on saturday night including
hot dogs, mac & cheese, watermelon, and corn on the cob.
you can tell it’s summer and this girl loves it.


playing outside between rain showers.
we love bubbles.


i told her to smile (show me your teeth) and this is what she gave me.


happy father’s day!


where did the weekend go? we had a good time celebrating father’s day
and getting some housework done…there were also some naps taken in there, too.
how was your weekend?

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