20 Months!

We are in full out toddler mode in the Gilbertson household!

Kenley has spent this last month putting words together,
which is so fun to watch and hear.
She is really into personal possession: “mommy’s coffee”, “daddy’s beer”, “Kenley’s water”, etc.
Last night, she went around the table saying “mommy’s eating, daddy’s eating, Kenley’s eating.”
This started a couple weeks ago when she would all of a sudden say,
“shh…Emmy’s sleeping..or Corbin’s sleeping…or Caleb’s sleeping.”
This is because our darling daughter only naps for one hour each day,
so she often was awake at school while her friends were sleeping.
Some of our other favorites are:
How are you? …Good! (Answering herself)
Baby down!! (When baby falls on the floor)
Come here.
Kenley’s house.
Almost there.
Buckle in.
I love you!

If the girl could be outside all day long, she would.
She loves running around, playing in the sand, pushing her Cozy Coupe,
playing with bubbles, riding in the wagon, and finding rocks.
When we go to the park, her favorite thing is the slide.
She loved the splash pad the first time we went,
but has been luke-warm about it the last two times.

Her favorite song right now is Muffin Man. Hands down.
As soon as we get into the car, she asks for it.
Frankly, I have no idea why. It puts me to sleep!
She also likes Ten in a Bed, the ABCs, and the Wheels on the Bus.
The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle, Twinkle are still fan favorites too.
She had been singing something that resembled the Barney song for about a month now,
I love you, you love me, we’re a happy….. then it kind of trailed off.
So, I had to ask her old teacher if they listen to that at school because
I could not figure out where it was coming from. Turns out, they had a musical book with the song.
Definitely Barney. I’ve even sang it back to her a few times, against my will.

She is doing well with her ABCs, she can complete her ABC puzzle all by herself,
and can say the ABCs through J… then she picks back up with Q, R, S, then it’s jumbled again.
Her numbers are usually jumbled, and colors are hit or miss.
Everything is blue, then occasionally she’ll get the right color on the second guess.

For summer camp, Kenley just moved up to the toddler room and we love it!
The class has a lot more structure than her last class and she’s already learning new things.
I was worried about the transition since she is well aware of the location of her classroom,
who her teachers are, and constantly talks about her friends (most of which are not in the new class).
After just a few tears on the first day, she has been great.
Her teachers said there was no transition period at all and she just jumped right in.
Hopefully I come back and re-read this when it’s time to transition again, so I don’t worry as much!

Kenley is officially down to one nap a day. We have been teetering in between for months and months now,
and I can safely say that she can take one nap and be fine until bedtime. With that being said,
she really only naps for one hour a day, which is not much for a busy toddler.
We can’t complain though because she is a rockstar sleeper at night.
During the week when school wears her out, she will go down as early as 7pm.
She is to the point where she knows she is tired and will say “night, night”
when she has had enough. We won’t hear a peep from her until right about 6am.
Like clockwork, she will start moving around in her bed anywhere between 6-6:15am,
then she’s up and at ’em by 6:30am, ready to take on the day.
This works out well during the week when we need to be out the door…
but she doesn’t know that she can sleep in on weekends yet! Darn.
The toddler bed is working out very well.
Only occasionally do we have random visits from her after bedtime.

There you have it. 20 months. I know I say this a lot, but each month gets more fun!