22 Weeks [Round Two]

To celebrate 22 weeks, Greg and I hit the road for a nice little babymoon.
Last time, we had already had a trip planned to Miami, which we dubbed as our babymoon,
but let’s be serious, isn’t your whole life a babymoon before you have a child?
This trip also marked our first trip away from little miss K, which was not easy.

Meemaw & Grandpa arrived Thursday night and we hit the road Friday morning to head southwest
about three and a half hours enjoying some treats on the way.


We pulled into La Playa Resort in Naples, which was nothing short of amazing.
We had a great view from our balcony and spent the days soaking up the sun
and taking naps by our favorite pool.



Along with all the crazy pregnancy cravings I have been having,
one of them has been a Bloody Mary… I know, it’s so wrong to be craving
cocktails during pregnancy, but this [virgin] one hit the spot for sure.


Our first night out, we had dinner at Fleming’s and went to the fanciest movie theater ever.
We were totally bummed out when we got there and all that was left were front row seats.
Assigned seats no less… how weird!
We debated not seeing the movie, but finally decided to cough up the $16 per ticket and see it.
Thankfully, we did because they were the biggest, plushest, comfiest seats ever
and we couldn’t even tell we were in the front row. Plus, the popcorn was only $6,
which is unheard of in our parts. So the cost all evened out in the end.


First time at a theater with assigned seats. Expensive seats, but they are the most comfiest seats ever. #fancy #babymoonpartdeux

The second night out we headed down to Fifth Avenue, full of shops & restaurants.
We ended up at Yabba Island Grill which was right up our alley.


I later realized that I had salsa for every meal that day, which was awe-some!


Greg and I had a great time together relaxing, eating, and sleeping in as late as we wanted.
The scenery wasn’t too bad either.



We were excited to come home to our sweet girl on Sunday,
even though she was having a great time being spoiled by Meemaw & Grandpa.
We got a little spoiled too.
Not only did they come down to babysit, but we also came home a mowed yard
and trimmed landscaping! We are so thankful for both!

In other pregnancy news, I am still feeling great & energized, most of the time.
Baby G2 is moving around a lot, kicking & jabbing and Greg has been able to feel it.
The weekend getaway was a great way for me to rest, but now that we’re
back in the real world, it’s a little bit more difficult.
I have been pretty good about not picking up Kenley as much,
and she really hasn’t seemed to notice, which makes me feel better.

Progress in the nursery is moving along slowly but surely
and we have been tossing around names (after name after name)
to see if something will stick… so far… not much!
Good thing we have some time.


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