21 Months!

I’m not really sure how we’re only three months shy of Kenley’s second birthday,
but here we are! This month really snuck up on us. This summer has been crazy busy.


Here are some fun things:

The past couple weeks have been filled with her singing songs,
which is amazing to listen to. She can say/sing full sentences and phrases now.
Her favorites to sing are Twinkle Twinkle, Old McDonald, and No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed.

There have been a few instances where she has said the entire alphabet correctly
and has counted to ten. Usually she skips a few or does them out of order.

She loves to ask “Who’s that?” and “What’s that?”

When we read Dear Zoo, she always says “ephelant” instead of elephant.
Likewise, her place mat has an octopus and she calls it an “opicuss.”

We may be in the market for some new books, which will make good birthday gifts.
She can recite most of the books from memory when we read them to her.

Shes loves playing with baby and has been playing the role of mommy very well.
She runs into her room to get a new diaper to change the baby and loves
to play with wipes. Yes, wipes. She always asks for “one wipe” and will
clean the baby off, as well as start to clean other things like our furniture.
She will also give her own lovies to her baby for night night time.

She can say her whole name now, which is also the name of several other things.
Me: Kenley, what’s your baby’s name?
Kenley: Kenley Dee Gilbertson!

Me: Kenley, what should we name our new baby?
Kenley: Kenley Gilbertson!
Me: Ok, but that might be awkward.


I don’t think that I’ve shared this, but for a while now, we have called Kenley “buddy” or “bud”.
Nothing more than “come here bud” or “hey buddy”, stuff like that, and we didn’t think anything
about it until recently. One lovely gentleman referred to Kenley a “he” upon hearing Greg use the term “buddy”
and another flat out said, she’s not a boy.
Greg’s response: “well, she’s my buddy”. So there you have it people.

Here are a couple other random fun facts:

Kenley has 13 teeth with two more coming in.
She is in 2T clothes and quickly moving out of size 5 and into size 6 shoes.
When she wears a disposable diaper, she’s in a size 4.
She recently started to sleep on her back and will tell us “back” when she lays down.
On the same note, she’s started to use a pillow in her big bed.
We are testing out using a big girl cup at dinner instead of a sippy cup.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her favorite show.

Happy 21 months buddy!

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