my weekend in photos


i love when toms are on zulily. i clearly can’t contain myself.


we headed down to the jenkinson’s for a movie night. the adults watched happy feet while the girls played.
they really weren’t too into the movie, but they sure liked pretending to be asleep.


wearing her new toms with her pjs on saturday morning.
and seeing how many cups she can carry in one trip. silly girl.


we scored this light fixture on craigslist for $35!
which then turned into greg working on the downstairs guest bathroom all weekend.
totally unexpected and random considering we have a list of other things we should have been doing,
but i’m excited about the progress so far!


lowe’s may be becoming her second favorite store.
ps when did she get so old?!


on top of everything else, we’re in the midst of picking out interior and exterior paint colors,
which is way harder than one would think.


our last weekend of july was super productive, thank goodness!
how was your weekend?

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