my weekend in photos

Friday morning breakfast date. We'll take it!

i had a doctor’s appointment on friday morning, so greg and i had time for a quick breakfast date
at starbucks after we dropped kenley off. we’ll take whatever we can get!


i scored 35 kcups of decaf on amazon for $11.50!
i was pumped! it really is the little things in life.

we headed down to visit grammy on saturday morning, which meant kenley got to go swimming!


we forgot a sippy cup so she was forced to drink out of a big girl cup.
she’s getting better and better at it.


after sleeping in until 7:30am (!!!), we watched a little bit of mickey mouse.
it’s her favorite show, if you can’t tell.


we headed out for a walk down by the beach, which didn’t last long
for this very pregnant girl in the summer heat.
i’m ready for fall… but i’m afraid this baby will be here before fall will…

Grades entered. First semester as the instructor is in the books! It was a busy six weeks. ✏

i am officially done with my summer class! my first semester is in the books.


we had a good weekend and had fun visiting with grammy.
how was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “my weekend in photos

    • I didn’t post much about it (if anything) before now, so you’re not that far behind 🙂 The class is a student success course for new freshmen. I really enjoyed it!

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