my weekend in photos


we headed down to grammy’s house this weekend after work on friday.
luckily, kenley is obsessed with endless alphabet so that kept her occupied for a good thirty minutes or so.
if you don’t have this app, get it! i got it a long time ago when they were running a free special,
but i’m telling you, it’s worth the money. i’m amazed how well she does it.


saturday was hot… but it was a good day for a boat ride.


she wanted to help drive the boat, but couldn’t reach the wheel, which is why she is pouting.


we had to stop for a dip since we were all melting. kenley was the only one actually having a melt down.


spending time with her auntie means she got her first little pedi!

2 for 1 daiquiris! Bring it on! #notasfunwhenitsvirgin

we had to take advantage of 2-for-1 daiquiris,
but i will say that they aren’t as fun when they’re virgin.


it was so great spending time with auntie ‘lanna and uncle andy!
but we sure missed kenley’s cousins.


game night! mexican train for the win.

Successful trip to the farmer's market today! #buylocal

on our way home on sunday we stopped off at a farmer’s market.
we scored all of this for 25 bucks and supported the local community.
win-win if you ask me!


we had a great weekend spending time with family,
but we’re back to the real world tomorrow since it’s the first day of school for all of us!

how was your weekend?

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