22 Months!

Kenley got her first haircut this month!
It really was just a little bang trim, but we’re counting it.
I was sick of seeing her bangs in her eyes and as much as I tried to train them to swoop to the side,
without fail, every morning she would wake up with them in her eyes again.
She did a fabulous job and sat there quite content, which was surprising.
I think this will be a regular thing now. She’s such a big girl!





I know I’m supposed to keep her first cut locks of hair,
but I didn’t… so I took a picture of them!

Today is the first day of school for 2013-2014!
She is staying in the same class as she was in during summer camp.
She will be one of the oldest (if not the oldest) in her class,
but that is something that will be the norm due to her birthday being early fall.
We are excited that some of her friends are back after summer break
and we’re ready to get back into another routine before this baby comes!

IMG_8170 copy

Here are some fun things this month:

Kenley is getting very good at her colors, she even knows brown.
At Publix, she always asks for the orange balloon, so that may be the color of the month.
Leave it to her to ask for the color that’s the hardest to pronounce.

She is speaking in many short sentences, which is still mind blowing. Here are some common ones:
Where Kenley go?
Kenley drink a water
What doing?
What happen?
Ow, hurt.
Mommy, kiss a boo boo?
Kenley doing puzzle!

Kenley had strep throat a couple weeks ago, which was a bummer,
but she rebounded very quickly. She weighed right at 28 pounds at her appointment.

Her favorite game is “I get you!” which translates into “you get me”.
She will run around the house and want us to chase her.
She thinks it’s the most hilarious thing in the whole world.

Kenley Dee, you’re getting more and more fun each and every day!

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