my weekend in photos

i originally thought that this weekend was going to be pretty boring
because we had nothing planned and was actually looking forward to it.
but, it turned out to be quite the opposite and i didn’t take nearly enough pictures to prove it.


i got home from work on friday and my lifelong bff and mom were at my house.
i could not believe it. we spent friday night catching up and chatting,
then headed out saturday morning for breakfast at keke’s (our favorite).


after a much-needed long nap, we headed down to our friend’s house to see what they were up to.
i gave my mom and lisa the hardest time about bringing their purses since were only going five houses down.
much to my (obvious) surprise, they had other plans for us.

Such a fun afternoon celebrating baby G2, thanks to my sweet friends! @mjenkinson501 @sallysarahdsgn @lindseyh876

my sweet friends threw me a surprise sprinkle to celebrate baby G2.
i literally could not have been more surprised. they pulled it together perfectly.
(more pictures and details to come)


it wouldn’t be a weekend with my mom if were didn’t do some shopping.
the girls headed out for an afternoon at the mall
before we had to say goodbye to mee-maw and lisa.

Savoring the last little bit of an unexpectedly awesome weekend.

i’ve been savoring every last second of this unexpectedly awesome weekend
and eating as many cupcakes as i want.


needless to say, this weekend rocked.
how was your weekend?