What Will It Bee?

I have some really great friends.
They threw me a surprise shower (or sprinkle, as some would say) to celebrate baby G2.
Not to mention, it was the cutest theme ever!



The shower started at 2pm so they had light appetizers.
Menu: spinach dip // cheese ball // the famous sausage balls //
pineapples & grape skewers (you know… like a bumble bee. cute right?) //
cucumber water // iced tea with honey sticks // lemonade
For dessert: mini cupcakes from Sweet.
Absolutely perfect.




Adorable chalkboard sign from Etsy.





Another photo to add to our collection of wedding & baby showers together.



A huge thank you to Michelle, Sally, Lindsey,
everyone who came to celebrate baby G2,
and to everyone who was in on the surprise!
We are so blessed!

3 thoughts on “What Will It Bee?

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