labor day weekend in indiana

We headed up to Indiana for a four day weekend for our last trip as a family of three,
and our last flight where Kenley would fly free (depressing right?).
We were so excited to get on our first flight and have an empty seat next to us.

We've never been so excited to have an empty seat next to us. ✈

We got into Indianapolis early afternoon on Friday and I had a minor freak out when all
the luggage was off the carousel and our car seat had not come down yet.
Luckily, it made it and my dad was there to pick up Kenley.
She headed north and Greg and I picked up our car to head south for a little reunion in Bloomington.
After driving through campus and feeling insanely old,
our first stop was Scotty’s Brewhouse where we devoured a pile of nachos and Greg had a beer.


We were hoping for slightly cooler weather in Indiana, but it turned out to be just like Florida.
Hot and humid. Regardless, we headed to Kirkwood for a stroll and to hit up some shops.
We ended up at the Sample Gates. Heaven, I tell you.
It would have been slightly more perfect if those leaves were turning just a little.
I think we were a few weeks early for that though.

Oh, how sweet it is. #nofilter #samplegates #iu @iubloomington

After checking into our hotel downtown and taking a quick nap,
we headed over to our friends’ house to begin the festivities.
We spent the night catching up, eating a Big Ten, and playing games.
Of course, I had to stop on the way to get a Polar Pop.

Yes!! Not pictured: Pizza Express #bloomington #friends

The next morning we hit up another local favorite then headed out to Lake Monroe
to take out a boat and celebrate Meghann’s birthday!
It turned out being a gorgeous day on the boat which did not disappoint.
I was the sober driver, yet again. I vow that the next time I’m in Bloomington, I will not be pregnant!


Beautiful day on Lake Monroe! ⚓☀#bloomington


This is the life. Happy birthday Meghann!!  #latergram #bloomington #friends



After basking in the sun, we all got cleaned up for dinner.
We tried to go to Upland Brewery since we haven’t been there (shame, I know), but the wait was too long.
It actually turned out for the better since it seemed more appropriate to go to Nick’s.



We had a great two days in Bloomington with friends, reminiscing and reliving our glory days.
Greg and I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in, then hit the road to head up north.
Kenley was having a great time at Meemaw & Grandpa’s house, so we needed to join in on that action too.


Sunday was a whirlwind of family & friends coming to visit. We had a great time catching up with everyone.






We ended the night around the homemade fire pit that Michael cooked up the day before.
It was a great way to end the summer season.

Saying goodbye to summer with a homemade fire pit.  #labordayweekend #family #xtown


After a rocky night of sleep on all our parts (Kenley, Greg, myself, and the baby),
we barely survived the seven hours of travel we had today, door to door, but we ended up getting in a little nap.
I’m not sure how summer is over and how it’s September, but I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate
Labor Day weekend, than with some of my closest sorority sisters, family, and friends.
Thanks to everyone in Indiana for such a great weekend!

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