my weekend in photos

Touchdown! Ready for the game!! #Hoosiers #iufb

if only the hoosiers could have stopped a few of them from happening on saturday.


greg and i were excited to get out of the house on saturday night
since maggi & greg were in town. they were a little bit delayed because of the weather,
so we stopped to get some treats to enjoy while we waited in the cell lot.
we both commented on how great it was to just sit and talk, even if we were just sitting in the car.


so excited to see this face!
we enjoyed dinner, drinks, football, and frozen yogurt down on idrive.


during nap times, greg worked on our master bathroom.
we’re trying to cross as many house projects off the list as possible in the next 7 weeks.


kenley had her first swim lesson this morning!


daddy told her early in the day that we were going to eat popcorn & watch football.
she talked about it all day. she loves her popcorn.


i did a load of tiny baby clothes. oh so tiny.

I literally bought every pumpkin flavored item in Target today.... I'm really trying to make it feel like fall!

even though it felt like 110* yesterday, i bought everything pumpkin flavored at target today.
i’m really trying to make it feel like fall here people.


i’m feeling very pregnant today.
the wedding rings are off and i took a nap with my feet propped up since they were already swelling by noon.
and that is a look of pure exhaustion.
just trying to keep it real here.
oh, and this is a sneak peek of our guest bathroom downstairs,
i’ll hopefully be sharing it soon.


how was your weekend??