34 Weeks [Round Two]

I am still standing by the fact that this third trimester is moving by pretty slowly,
but I’m also trying to enjoy it as much as possible as this will probably be
the last time I will feel a wiggly baby inside of me. However, it’s not easy some days.

At 34 weeks, I feel very much like I did around 37 or 38 weeks last time.
I have had that all too familiar “the baby is going to fall out” feeling,
and I still have six weeks to go! Braxton Hicks contractions continue,
literally, right now as I type this. They have again woken me up a few times,
but it’s nothing more at this point (thank goodness).
My feet are hurting more and more.
I am not swelling (yet) like I did last time, but my feet just ache at the end of the day.
I am starting to have lower back and tailbone pain,
so I’ve broken out my exercise ball to sit and bounce on. It helps while I’m sitting there,
but then it’s right back at it again. I will really start to use it as we get closer to delivery.
My rings still fit, depending on the day, but more often I can wear them all day,
which, to me, means I’m not that swollen. Woo hoo.


Now on to the fun stuff… yoga is awesome. I really enjoy it, and I feel really good the next day.
If I could go twice a week, I totally would, but the class is only offered on Monday evenings.
It’s really a great way to begin the week.

We have registered at the hospital, so they are expecting us whenever the time comes.
At my appointment last week I asked when we should think about that
and the nurse said that most do it around 28 weeks and after, so I figured it was time.

I have washed all of our new baby clothes
and the ones I’ve pulled out from Kenley’s stash that I know we will probably use.
It’s not much right now, but it’s plenty to get us through
and I have vowed to myself (and my husband) that I won’t buy any more baby clothes.
I, however, have no idea what he or she will be wearing home from the hospital,
so I may need to buy just one or two more things.

We have also washed and assembled some baby gear and we may install the car seat soon.
I know it seems crazy early for that, but I would rather it sit in the car than on the floor.

I have laid out a total of two items that will be going to the hospital with us… I consider this a good start.

The room is coming along beautifully. We got so much done this weekend,
and we may even be at a stopping point until the baby comes.
I am excited to share with you where we are and what I’m thinking in terms of gender specific color.


Baby G2 is still very active and the poor things has the hiccups at least once a day, sometimes more.
My doctor thinks (s)he is head down, but he’ll continue to monitor the position at each appointment.
I still don’t know how it’s possible because baby seems to be all over the place, but I’ll take his word.
I don’t have much of an update from my 33 week appointment.
We were chatting away while he measured my belly so I have no idea if I’m ahead or not,
all he said was “good” and we moved right along. He was also very vague about baby’s heart rate,
which gives me nothing to go on. He said it was between 130-140 bpm, good.
I guess no news is good news, so I’ll take it!

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