23 Months!

I cannot believe we are just one month shy of two years old!

Kenley is in a phase where the answer to everything is “yeah”.
Let me tell you, it’s hilarious and way better than the “no” phase.
For example, here is a conversation with daddy:
Daddy: Did you have fun at school today?
Kenley: Yeah
D: Did you color?
K: Yeah
D: Did you play outside?

K: Yeah
D: Did you eat elephants?
K: Yeah

Here are some new, frequent phrases:
I no like it
I no think about it (I realize now that I often say “don’t even think about it”)
[Sees a picture] Bath tub…no splashing

We are starting to hear some of what is going on at school, too:
No hitting, no pushing
Be nice [insert name here]

Over the past month it seems like Kenley has been singing more and more.
She will also sing more of one particular song. She loves ‘head shoulders knees and toes’,
and we listen to that at least three times on the way to school, complete with the hand/arm/leg motions.
She also loves singing soft kitty, which her uncle Michael taught her on vacation.
I had never heard the song because it is from the Big Bang Theory, but apparently it’s in several episodes.
Here is a clip if you haven’t heard it.

Another famous one this month is Jack & Jill.
She even sings it in silly ways…obviously.

Along with the fun stuff this month, there have been some struggles.
It is obvious that we are nearing the age of two years old,
and the temper tantrums that come with age.
With all the big events happening over the next few months,
I am quite sure these will continue, but we’ll all learn as we go.

She can also be quite demanding. If I had a nickel for every time we said
“what do you say?”, we would be rich. It’s either for please, thank you,
sorry, or excuse me. I literally feel like that’s all I say all day long.
Then, out of no where, Greg or I will do the smallest thing, and she’ll say
“thank you mommy” or “thank you daddy” in the sweetest voice ever…and all is right in the world.

I mentioned that we started swimming lessons recently.
She is doing such a good job and I think she is really enjoying it (most days).
Yesterday was more of a fun day since daddy got in the pool with her
so we can learn to how help her outside of lessons.
When she normally says “Kenley all done”, yesterday she didn’t want to get out!

She also tells her teacher “Kenley swim to the diamonds” and
she does just that, putting her hands on each one every time.

We are soaking up the final month as our little family of three,
and looking forward to a second birthday, an actual birth day, and Kenley becoming a big sister!
It’s going to be a fun month.

6 thoughts on “23 Months!

  1. I love that she sings “soft kitty”! That is awesome! I love these updates about Miss K but also can’t wait until there are two sets of updates! Yay, so excited for you guys for the upcoming weeks. XO

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