my weekend in photos

Having so much fun chasing each other! cc: @jessicaemeyer

saturday morning we headed to barnes & noble to meet a friend
and listen to mr. richard sing. it was big fun and
kenley and ben enjoyed chasing each other up and down the aisles.


needless to say, she was tired after our excursion
but that didn’t stop her from holding on tightly to her balloon.

Happy first day of fall!  Oh wait... Just kidding. ☀️⛅️ So. over. it.

happy first day of fall!
unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy it much in our parts.
i am over summer and the heat… i am baking…
and this bun in the oven is hot too.
please send cooler temps!


finally! our target has the new, fancy plastic carts!
best. day. ever.
except, the child seat leans back pretty far
and it would be awesome if there were cup holders,
but beggars can’t be choosers right?


i’m in the process of hacking the latt table from ikea,
but the girls gave it a test run tonight at dinner.
huge success in my book!
i’m excited to show you the final product when it’s done.


we had a good, relaxing weekend and got to visit with some friends.
how was your weekend?

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