my weekend in photos

Slightly nervous about my first green drink ever, but it's delicious!

i love the bolthouse drinks, but the green made me very nervous.
surprisingly, it was delicious! you just can’t think about it being green.

A glimpse into the future, with a slightly smaller belly on my part, I hope. We loved snuggling with baby Wyatt! @lindseyh876 @herold34

we headed over to see baby wyatt after work on friday.
kenley was obsessed. she was gentle and gave him lots of kisses.
he cried, then slept, and she wanted him to get down (to play).
we’re pretty excited to see her in action as a big sister here soon.

the girl loves singing!

Cannot even handle the cuteness. #gorays ⚾️ #goredskins #gocolts

ready to take on sunday! a trip to publix and some football watching.
we were rooting for the rays, redskins, and colts today. all were successful!


greg claims that he *always* gets the smaller side of our shared sandwich.
this time it was true. i guess the girl thought i needed the bigger portion since i’m eating for two.


putting all of her animals and babies to sleep.
face down.


we had a good weekend, but it went by very fast.
i guess that’s what happens when you take an hour+ nap each day.

how was your weekend?

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