12 thoughts on “A Nursery for G2 // Photo Tour

  1. Ummm looks a little more boy than girl. Very cute and could be for both but I’m guessing boy! Did you accidentally see something in one of the ultra sounds? Or have you and Greg known all along and just keeping it a surprise for everyone else? I just asked your Dad the other day and he said they still didn’t know .I have seen several cute little boy things while looking and ordering for baby girl Cambridge and keeping them in mind for baby G2! I have a whole wardrobe for baby girl! all the way up to 18 months! Can’t resist when I see a good sale. I just can’t stop! So many cute girl things! But more cute boys things than they use to have. I just love babies and buying baby things period! Not much longer! Hope you are feeling good and getting rested up for the big day!

    • We definitely don’t know the sex at this point, I’m not even sure our doctor knows! The room is a little on the boyish side, but I’ve already got ideas to make it more girly if needed. We’re getting very anxious to know!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the oars…makes me think of the vintage one I nearly brought home from a garage sale last weekend. The sheets are super cute, too. Did you end up making them? I can’t wait to see your finishing touches after the little lady or man makes his/her appearance!

    • Thank you Heather! I made the sheet and the fabric is Emily Herrick – Going Coastal – Sea Star in Gray. Hope you’re doing well with that sweet girl, I’m dying to see more pictures 🙂

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