my weekend in photos

One of the many, many reasons I love October... Breast cancer awareness month! Thanks Tijuana Flats for supporting a great cause. #tijuanaflats #thinkpink #october #ztathinkpink #savethetatas

we had tijuana flats for dinner on friday. love the breast cancer awareness.


as i headed to the couch, greg headed to the alterbridge concert at the house of blues.
it was awesome, according to him.


kenely and i did some shopping on saturday.
buy buy baby was one of our stops. completely overwhelming, but i love this store.

Just in case y'all were wondering where babies came from... They are not included with this baby carrier. #goodtoknow #duh

please note, baby not included!


since someone got up super early, i had to wake her at the two hour mark of her nap
in order to get out the door for sesame street live. we were still a half hour late.


we had great seats and i was surprised that kenley wasn’t afraid of the ginormous characters.
apologies for the horrible picture, but i didn’t get many.


she was not as enthralled with the show as she was for mickey mouse, but she did a good job.


after the show, we headed out for an early dinner. kenley and her friends had way too much fun running around.
luckily, there weren’t many others eating dinner at 4:30pm.


of course, we had to get dessert (or gassert as kenley calls it).

(Hopefully) my last pedi before baby. Team green!  #represent

i snuck out for a quick pedi saturday night. hopefully my last before baby!
team green all the way.


just mowing the pavers.


kenley and i hung out all day today, which included doing a massive amount of laundry.
good thing she’s a good helper.


we had a busy and tiring weekend.
greg worked a lot, but we’re already looking forward to fun things planned next weekend.

how was yours?

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