38 Weeks [Round Two]

Just two weeks shy of our due date
and I thought for sure we would have had this baby by now.
That shows how much I know, especially considering my doctor told me
yesterday that haven’t made much progress and he doesn’t expect anything
to happen any time soon… so, we wait.


Overall, I am feeling pretty good.
The heartburn has completely disappeared in the past two weeks,
probably because this baby has dropped, even though I have felt low for a while.
I am still having pelvic and groin pain when baby moves just in the right spot,
but I have been sleeping a lot better too.
I am definitely not complaining, but I don’t think labor is right around the corner.
The Braxton Hicks contractions, however, are still frequent, strong, and somewhat painful.

I am measuring at 38 weeks and didn’t gain any weight from last week to this one.
The baby’s heart rate is still in the 130s, but I’m trying not to associate that with my gender guess.

Random cravings I have had recently include slurpees from 7-11 and Skittles.
I could have eaten Skittles and Chipotle every day this pregnancy, but I have refrained.

We have gotten some things done around the house in the last couple of weeks.
One of my biggest concerns was getting both of our cars cleaned inside & out.
I know that is really random, but it was really stressing me out.
Thankfully, that is done and it looks like we have two brand new vehicles.
The car seat has also been installed, so we’re good to come home from the hospital.



Items on the agenda include celebrating a second birthday, a prenatal massage,
picking up a couple more items for the hospital, and a haircut.
I’ll be working through next week or until the baby comes, whichever happens first.

4 thoughts on “38 Weeks [Round Two]

  1. first – your hair looks great!

    second – you have a human growing inside you! that video had me like O_O … so cool/crazy!

    third – i have been internally battling with wanting you to have another October birthday and wanting you to have it in November (preferably on the 3rd). it has been a daily struggle since you told me the original due date. i was just ready to fess up. that is all.

    • Hahaha thanks for confessing! We are hoping for an October baby but preparing for a November one… either way will be fine, but I will be slightly upset if we go all the way until the 3rd! 😉

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