Two Years Old!

I find it very hard to believe we have a two year old.
Time sure flies when you’re having fun.
Kenley is changing by the day and her vocabulary is expanding like crazy.
She talks all the time (I have no idea where she gets that?) and she is putting
more and more words together to form sentences.
She is starting to use “I” more and talks in the third person less.

Here are some of our favorite phrases right now:

How ’bout… (fill in the blank).
How ’bout fruit?
How ’bout purple shoes?
How ’bout spoon?

Then she adds “maybe” to the end…
How ’bout white raisins maybe?
How ’bout play downstairs maybe?

Other fun facts:

Boycotts the fork at all costs, but loves to eat with a spoon.
Knows almost all of her colors, but sometimes will get blue and yellow mixed up.
Can count to ten but skips four almost every time.
Can put her purple shoes on by herself.
Loves her gummy vitamins and asks for them by name.
Loves her “glasses” when it’s “hot” (sunny) out and wears them upside down.


She is a great helper and we have tried to give her more and more tasks to do
in preparation of the baby coming. Her absolute favorite thing to do is
taking the garbage can out to the street. She just wheels it right down.
She also likes throwing things in the trash, helping with the laundry,
and loading/unloading the dishwasher, which turns into lining  up all the cups.


Kenley has had swimming lessons for the last five to six weeks after school.
She has done a great job and really has enjoyed it (unlike many of the other kids).
We finished up this week for the winter and Greg and I are so thankful we decided to do it.

Since our last update, we have had fewer tantrums and her behavior has been great.
Her teacher even made a comment how much better she has been in the past several weeks.
I don’t think that’s the end of the terrible two’s by any stretch of the imagination,
but we are soaking it up while we can. Changes are coming very soon, so it’ll be interesting to see
where we are in the next couple of months. On the other hand, we are so anxious to see
Kenley in action as a big sister. She has become more and more interested in her baby dolls,
as well as other babies we have seen in recent weeks. We are excited to have one of our own!


Wake up 6:15-6:45am
Naptime 12pm-1:30pm
Bedtime 7:30-8pm
Clothes – size 2T and some 3T that are a little big
Shoes – size 6 that are quickly becoming too small
Disosable diapers (at night) – size 4
Weight – 30 lbs and off of whole milk
Height – 34 inches


Happy 2nd birthday Kenley Dee! We love you so much!