my weekend in photos


friday was a busy day! kenley took munchkins from dunkin donuts
to her class to celebrate her birthday then we picked her up early for a doctor’s appointment.
she was a rockstar.
later in the day, meemaw, grandpa, and grammy arrived!

Birthday pancakes made by Daddy! #kenleyturns2

her actual birthday started out with candles in her pancakes!


she blew out two more candles at her birthday party.
it was big fun!

The party after the party... For another 30 minutes or so until I go lay in my bed forever. #exhausted #swollenfeet #38weeks #kenleyturns2

after the party, the adults played games and relaxed.
greg got this horse racing game for his birthday
after our friends back home introduced it to us last month.
i didn’t last long… it was a long day.

You know your priorities in life have changed when you are super pumped to upgrade from the 'grass' to the 'lawn' #DryingRack

before my amazing prenatal massage, greg and i went to buy buy baby to finish off our gift card.
he was seriously pumped that we upgraded to the lawn (bottle drying rack).
you know where your priorities are in life when those kind of things excite you.


the rest of the day was spent watching football (woohoo redskins!) and getting pumped up for the game tonight.
go colts and welcome home peyton!

just in case you were still wondering…no baby yet. but that’s not to say we’re not ready!


we had such a fun weekend celebrating kenley dee with our family and friends!
i’ll be sharing many more pictures from her birthday party this week.
how was your weekend?

One thought on “my weekend in photos

  1. after going back and forth (deciding whether i could fully commit or not), i’m officially going to adopt your weekend in photos series for my blog. 🙂 love it, and thank you for the inspiration!!

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