my weekend in photos


crosby’s buddy, wyatt, came to visit. they even wore similar shirts.


making a fashion statement while playing with her play-doh.


while we did a little bit of trick-or-treating last year, kenley was way into it this year.





kenley was a mermaid, kyler was cinderella, and crosby was asleep.
it was a fun halloween!

Never too young for a little 4 Rivers!!! #Yummmmmus. @4riverssmokehouse @kendradee03 @kdlower

we ventured out for lunch to 4 rivers. it was delicious, especially because i didn’t get heartburn afterwards!


melissa was in town for a wedding, so we were able to hang out with her on friday.
since we’ve seen her, i’ve gotten pregnant and had a baby. that means it’s been too long!


we headed to the park this weekend.
kenley wanted to swing “super high” and “really fast”.



Sunday morning snuggles.

the rest of the weekend was spent snuggling this little guy.


we are enjoying our time at home and soaking up the last week of meemaw being here.
how was your weekend?

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