my weekend in photos


not loving how early the sun sets now, but sure loving how beautiful it is.

First beer. Shock Top on draft. Starting out with just half of one...don't wanna get too crazy.

first postpartum beer. shock top on draft. so delicious.

Great Day in the Country!

uncle michael was in town this weekend. we strolled around ‘great day in the country’ on saturday.

Love my new Tervis Tumbler. Thanks @doubleg1011! #ohboy

after finding out the “it’s a boy” tervis tumbler had been retired,
greg made me my very own personalized one. i like it way better.

I really want Kenley's new blanket for me... #adorable

kenley got a new blanket for her bed. i am obsessed.
not only is it adorable, but it’s the softest thing ever.
i may go back and get another one for me.

Sunday Funday bounce birthday party. #Weeeeeeeee

sunday, we celebrated cooper’s birthday!

kenley had a great time bouncing around.


michael and karolina stopped by on their way back to texas this afternoon for a visit.
it was so great seeing them, and lisa, who also came by too!


we had a good weekend…tiring, but good.
how was your weekend?

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