25 Months

Even though my Babycenter weekly emails are titled “My Preschooler” vs. “My Toddler” now that
Kenley is two years old, I still consider her my little toddler.
Really, preschooler? And why did no one warn me about that. I almost cried when I saw it.

Since our two year old update, Kenley has now been a big sister for three weeks.
Overall, she has done wonderfully. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been a few bumps along the way,
but she really does love her little brother. She is constantly wanting to touch, poke, and kiss him.
We are constantly reminding her to be gentle, but if that is the worst of it, then I’m ok with that.
She LOVES it when he is awake and will announce it to everyone.
“Crosby’s awake!!!” or “baby Crosby awake!” usually pointing at his eyes being open.
At first, she would say “stop crying baby Crosby” when he cried, but recently,
she has started crying/whining when he cries (or fake crying mostly).
I think it’s a combination of her not wanting him to be upset and her wanting attention too.
At other times, she is very sweet and will say “it’s ok baby Crosby”.
She is very observant on what is going on with him as well…”Crosby have stinky poopy” or “Crosby eating”.
I anticipate there to be more bumps in the road along the way, but she has adjusted better
than we would have thought up until this point.
She is still on her normal schedule, going to school during the week, which has helped immensely!


Her birthday brought an array of new toys into the house which she has really gotten into.
She has two new babies, Chloe and Leila, both of which she loves. Their eyes open and shut,
which is very intriguing to a two year old. She loves dressing them and changing their diapers.
Her previous baby who was named “Kenley Dee Gilbertson” is now named “Crosby”, which is so sweet.
She also loves to play doctor with her new doctor kit. She takes “temperature” and says everything “looks good!”.
Currently, her favorite thing to do is have a tea party. She will pass it out to everyone
and we even set up some of her animals to join the party. We also “cheers” our cups before drinking. It’s so fun!

The girl talks nonstop and still enjoys singing, especially in the car.
If we are in the car that does not have her cd in it, she will recite the songs to us during the drive.
She is definitley in the “I want” and “I need” phase.
It’s great that she can tell us what she wants, but it turns into “I want (cheese, for example)” twenty times in a row.
This is not helpful when we are somewhere where there is no cheese.
Miss independent also doesn’t like having books read to her at bedtime, so she reads to us.
This usually consists of her flipping the pages very quickly and us reciting the book from memory.
She loves her picture books and I’m constantly amazed at the words she knows.
Xylophone, for example.
She is a sponge!

Kenley- You are growing into a little girl more and more each day.
We love watching you be the best big sister ever!

4 thoughts on “25 Months

  1. I love reading about your little family and looking at the pictures and videos ! Loved hearing Kenley’s sweet little voice when reading her book. They are both adorable and I wish you lived closer so we could see them more often. I have a gift for Crosby so I am hoping we see you sometime over the holidays so that we can see him and give it to you. He looks like your Dad and Michael a lot, I think. He is precious!

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