Home Sweet Home :: One Year

One year ago today we packed up a truck (three times) and moved just under two miles down the road.
To be honest, I really can’t believe we’ve only been in our house for just one year.
Especially considering that we now have two kids here, instead of just one!

I know I’ve mentioned this several times, but when we moved into our house,
every single wall was a cream color. The bank came in and freshened up, which was awesome,
but it was just very plain. Each time we added color to one room, we wanted to keep going
because it made such a big difference! Here is a rundown on what we’ve done over the past year.

We first started with Kenley’s room and added the DIY faux wainscoting. She transitioned into her new room
beautifully and now I’m realizing that I haven’t shared her room since we’ve moved her to a toddler bed.
I will post pictures of her true toddler room in the next couple of weeks.


Very early on, Greg tackled the ceiling in our family room. He painted and added crown molding to our coffered ceilings.


We updated several aspects of the kitchen, including the big hole/cutout in the wall, horrible pantry door, and the island.
Later on, we also added more modern hardware. You can read about the updates here and here.



The office was turned into an office / craft room combo room.


We updated the upstairs guest bathroom by painting the cabinets and framing the mirror.


Greg did a complete overhaul on the downstairs bathroom by adding beadboard, crown molding,
a new light fixture, the framed mirror, and bright orange paint!


The laundry room also got a complete overhaul from the paint color, light fixture,
drying racks, and storage, to painting the counter top.



Since we were adding another member to our family, we got to do another nursery!
I will share more pictures of Crosby’s room once he’s officially moved into that room.


We have also done a few other projects here and there that I haven’t shared yet.
Michael & Greg painted our master bedroom and master bath, and Greg painted the cabinets.
We also had the rest of the inside lower level of the house painted, as well as the exterior.
After much debate, we opted to hire help for that job since there was so much left to do,
and after it was all done, we were so happy with that decision.

In the immediate future, my goal for the holiday break is to complete the upstairs loft / playroom,
so I will hopefully be sharing that project after the first of the year.

In the not-so-immediate future, there are still several other projects that we’ll be working on,
so stay tuned!

Happy one year anniversary to our house that we’re making a home.

5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home :: One Year

  1. Love your house. Especially the downstairs bathroom! So bright and cheery. Greg did a fabulous job with all the molding and wainscoting. Kids rooms are adorable too. You guys are awesome!

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