One Month

Crosby is one month old today!

one month

It is somewhat hard to believe it, but here we are.
Greg and I were just talking last night about how we think this month has gone better than anticipated.
That’s not to say there haven’t been some rough patches with all four of us,
but overall, we have survived and we’re all [mostly] happy campers.

Luckily, Crosby has been pretty go-with-the-flow, mostly because he is still in that sleepy newborn stage.
Once he’s in his car seat, he’s pretty much out for the duration of the trip.
We have gotten out a lot more than I did with Kenley. I think that is because I have felt so much better,
and because we aren’t AS scared of germs as we were the first time around.
Our pediatrician still reminds us to lay low and not be around too many people,
but we also have a wild two year old coming home from school each day after she has
played with who knows how many other two year olds, all sharing snotty germs.
This is probably why little man has already had a cold. Sorry buddy!
Recovery wise, for me, I have felt great. Everything was much better the second time around.
Crosby and I try to get out at least once a day or every two days.
On the days we stay in, our time is spent snuggling and watching Parks & Recreation.


For the first three weeks or so, he was eating every three hours, day and night.
This past week we have seen a glimmer of hope that he’s going to stretch it out soon.
He went four hours for a whole day, but then goes back and forth between three and four.
He is sleeping whenever he is tired. Some days more than others, but his awake time is definitely getting longer.
Awake time is usually in the morning and once big sister gets home from school.
He would prefer to sleep in someone’s arms, but also sleeps in the rock & play and the newborn lounger pillow.
(I’ll do a complete rundown of the old and new gear we’re using this time around.)
We have also put him in the swing a few times, but I am much more aware of how annoyingly bulky that thing is.
He’s still sleeping in our room at night in the rock & play and boy, he’s a noisy sleeper!
He will sleep soundly for the first half of the night, half of which we are still awake for,
but the early morning hours consist of his version of tossing and turning and a lot of little grunts.
Once he starts to sleep longer stretches, we’ll definitely start transitioning to his crib.


One month notes:
Weight – Last we checked it was 8 lbs 13 oz at two weeks, so I’m guessing well over 9 lbs now.
Hair – Starting to get lighter, but it’s still all in tact.
Eyes – Dark blue
Head – No clue… I’m not even sure I know what it was at birth. That’s horrible.
Diapers – Size 1 disposables and they’re just a tad big. Hopefully we’ll get on the ball and start cloth soon.
Buying diapers stinks!
Clothes – 0-3 months. He didn’t really ever wear newborn, but he’s definitely fitting in his 0-3 month now.
Likes – Being held, sleeping, the car seat, NUK pacifier, looking at the fan, looking at the Christmas tree lights, being swaddled
Dislikes – Having his diaper changed, gas, tummy time

2 thoughts on “One Month

  1. Such a cutie pie, a real blessing to the whole family.
    Crosby is one month already? Tempus fugit, and it only
    fugits faster each month/year/decade!

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