So long 2013


I headed to Cali for my sweet friend’s bebe shower.
We finished Kenley’s room and did some faux wainscoting.
House projects continued.
I started quilting (and since, have put that project on pause).



The Ravens won the Superbowl, we partied, as usual.
We visited Grammy in Sarasota and my good friend Celeste came to visit.
We shared our coffered ceiling project in the family room.
Kenley passed out her first valentines to her classmates.
We shared what we’ve been cooking up in the kitchen.



On the second day of the month, we found out we were pregnant!
Kenley went to her first show, Disney Live! at the arena.
I got to see three sorority sisters all here on business at different times,
Alicia visited for spring break, as well as my parents. It was fun month!
We hit up the Braves/Mets spring training game at Disney.
Jessie & Andrew got married.
We had a happy Easter.



Kenley went to Sea World for the first time.
I picked our neighbor’s trash and we made a headboard.
Greg headed up to Virginia to visit his dad & brother.
We announced that Kenley was getting a promotion!


Maggi & Greg visited and we celebrated Cinco de Mayo!
Since we were having visitors, we updated our guest bathroom upstairs.
In the spirit of their wedding, I shared Michael & Karolina’s engagement photos.
We made some major progress on our laundry room.
We visited Grammy again for Memorial Day weekend and went to the Rays game.



Margot Claire turned one, so we celebrated with her!
Meemaw & Grandpa came to hang out with Kenley while we headed south for our babymoon!



Greg and I celebrated our five year anniversary.
Then, we headed to Anna Maria Island for our family vacation.
We continued home improvement projects as our due date came closer and closer.
Sally, Jen, Kristy, and I threw Lindsey a baby shower to celebrate baby Wyatt!




I finished up teaching my first college course.
Kenley started school in the young toddler room and started swimming lessons.
I shared our office / craft room combo makeover.
We headed down to Sarasota to visit Grammy and see Aunt Alanna and Uncle Andy!
My sweet friends threw me a surprise shower!
I shared the progress on the nursery (here, here, and here)



We headed up to Indiana for Labor Day weekend, our last trip as a family of three.
Maggi & Greg were vacationing in Orlando, so we got to see them again!
Greg transformed our downstairs bathroom.
We welcomed baby Wyatt to the world!



Our favorite and busiest month of the year!
Greg and I celebrated birthdays and we partied for Kenley’s second birthday!
Crosby Martin made his appearance at 8:40am on Sunday, October 27th and team green turned blue.
Kenley was a mermaid for halloween and we celebrated with our two pumpkins this year.




Uncle Michael came to visit and meet Crosby!
We had several other visitors locally and from out of state stop by.
We had our one year anniversary in the house.
We celebrated Thanksgiving as a family of four.

Great Day in the Country!


Meemaw and Grandpa were here and we took our first trip to Magic Kingdom!
We got in the Christmas spirit by putting up the tree, decorating cookies, and seeing Santa.
I participated in Pinterest Christmas again this year with a couple projects (here and here).
We celebrated Crosby’s first Christmas and Kenley’s third here at home with our family.


What a great year it was! We’re looking forward to 2014!

Here is a look at what we were up to in 2011 and 2012.

my weekend in photos


little man celebrated two months! // striped hooded one piece


unfortunately, that meant a doctor’s appointment…with shots.
crosby was unimpressed.


i spent some time in the kitchen playing with my new toy!
shredded chicken (x2) and ginger cookies!


just playing. // football double sleeve bodysuit 


these yummy colors make me ready for spring. now that the holidays are over, of course.

i shared this over on instagram. our awesome year in review.


here is a little glimpse of what we were actually up to… all…week…long.
she said “it like a hat!”


somehow, the last weekend of 2013 has come and gone.
how was your weekend?

Two Months

Crosby is two months old!
We had our checkup at the doctor’s office today and everything looked great.
He is 12 pounds, 5 ounces in the 50th percentile and 22.5 inches tall in the 25th percentile.
His head is in the 60th percentile and she mentioned his head was big at birth.

We had a wonderful Christmas here at home and all the excitement really wore him out,
as it did most of us! The lucky little guy got to sleep most of the day though.
Greg said all week that all he wanted for Christmas was a good smile from the little man.
Little Santa baby delivered while Kenley was sharing some of her toys.

So happy that big sister is sharing her toys! #santababy #merrychristmas

Santa Footed Microfleece Sleeper





Crosby has officially moved into his room!
For the past couple of weeks we moved him out of the rock-n-play
and into the pack-n-play, but still in our room.
As I was cleaning up for our Christmas company, I started moving all of his stuff to his room,
which made it easy to keep him in there during our night time feedings.
There was no reason to bring him back to our room.
He’s sleeping great in his crib all swaddled up in his SleepSack.
Kenley usually doesn’t move a muscle while he is crying either, which was one of our main concerns.

We are getting into somewhat of a schedule.
He goes down in his crib between 7-8pm each night and will get up twice in the night.
Thankfully, he’ll sleep in his crib until about 8-9am.
He naps during the day in the rock-n-play or the swing; and has yet to nap in his crib.
I would imagine that we will be getting into a better schedule over the next month or so,
as I start back to work and little man starts at daycare.


Two month notes:
Weight – 12 lbs 5 oz
Height – 22.5 inches
Hair – Getting longer in the back and starting to turn into a mullet
Eyes – Dark blue slash grey
Head – Finally figured out it was 35 cm at birth, now 39.5 cm
Diapers – Cloth diapers! Size 1 disposable diapers.
Clothes – 0-3 months
Likes – Being held, sleeping, the car seat, NUK pacifier, looking at the fan, being swaddled
Dislikes – Gas, tummy time

Eight Weeks

The weeks keep flying by and just like that little man is eight weeks old.
We are continuing to adjust.
Crosby is sleeping in his crib more, but we have yet to move him over completely.
He is also wearing cloth diapers 90% of the time, and again, we have yet to fully commit.
We’ll get there.

eight weeks

We are so excited to celebrate Crosby’s first Christmas this week.
Kenley even picked out a gift for him today and we wrapped it together.
It’s going to be fun!

my weekend in photos


thursday, we headed to kenley’s school for breakfast with the toddler rooms.
it was so fun to see her in action, but also quite chaotic.
santa made an appearance!

So excited for the 'jama party at school today. #latergram #ilovechristmas

i always loved the day before christmas break at school, even as i got older.
kenley is already getting a taste of what fun it is too.
she was so excited to wear her pajamas for the ‘jama party at school on friday.

thankfully, we started putting together some christmas gifts early…
i will tell you there were curse words being mumbled during the process.

a major portion of our weekend consisted of laundry.
including diapers. washing and stuffing. repeat as necessary.

you may have to adjust your volume to hear it, but little man was a snoring machine during our snuggles.

kenley has been learning to ride her trike since her birthday.
she’s getting the hang of it!
while many of you may be jealous of our weather today, it’s entirely too hot considering christmas is in three days.


our weekend was good, but we are more excited for this week!
how was your weekend?