my thanksgiving weekend in photos

So much to be thankful for.

we have so much to be thankful for.


thanksgiving dinner was low key and it was just the four of us.
our menu included:
fried turkey
mashed potatoes
stuffing casserole muffins
green bean casserole
and pumpkin pie.

it was perfect.


our newest little turkey

A fire is the perfect way to end a cold Thanksgiving day. And a good new tradition if I do say so myself. Thanks @mjenkinson501!

we ended the evening with a fire at the jenkinson’s.
we had perfect weather with temperatures in the 50’s.
i think it’s the start of a great tradition.


she was excited about her pockets! // fleece sweatshirt dress


our little man turned one month old!


and is sporting his first cloth diaper.
he wasn’t thrilled.


testing out the “new” toys.
little does she know, she lived on that thing for months!


enjoying some joint tummy time.
or… “tummy hurts” as kenley called it for the first couple of days.


sometimes tummy time gets a little aggressive.
one tough cookie i tell ya.


sunday snuggles.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!

even though our tree has been up for a week now,
it’s acceptable for me to share it with you.
we’re excited for the christmas season!


we even made a visit to the big man!
kenley did a great job, but was a little scared.
she told us before that she wanted ornaments for christmas,
but now the answer has changed to presents since she has seen them under the tree.


we had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend together as a family of four.
it’s hard to believe it’s already december!

how was your weekend?

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