Five Weeks

It’s been a big week for our little man.

five weeks2

We have started cloth diapers, but are still using up the disposables we have.
At first, I was nervous that we wouldn’t have enough cloth for two kiddos,
or that we would be drowning in dirty diaper laundry,
but so far, so good. We are still doing laundry every other day for Kenley regardless,
so why not throw some more in there?
I have moved most of them over to Crosby’s room since he’ll be going through more than she will,
and I even have several brand new ones for him so he didn’t get ALL hand-me-downs.

He also had his first bottle!
I was nervous he wouldn’t like the Tommee Tippee brand since that’s all we have,
but again, so far, so good. He took it like a champ, even though he spit most of it up afterwards.


Crosby is starting to stretch out his feedings as well. He can go between 4-5 hours at night
and has been around 3-4 hours during the day!
It’s amazing how quickly he is changing.