A Pinterest Christmas – diy felt garland

This is the second year of A Pinterest Christmas blog series happening this December,
where myself and several bloggers across the country will be making fun,
Pinterest inspired (Pinspired) holiday decorations, treats, and keepsakes.

pinterest christmas logo

This week I am sharing two types of felt garland.
The first is felt ball garland, inspired by small bird, as well as Misha and Maggi who whipped these up last year.
There are great tutorials on how to make your own felt balls, but I opted to buy my felt balls pre-made.
After searching on Amazon (my first go-to online retailer), I found what I was looking for on Ornamentea.
I got 50 wool felt balls in retro pastel.

wool felt balls, felt garland

Other supplies I used were hot pink thread and a sewing needle.
I laid out the balls in a pattern, then Kenley decided to pick them all up for me, how sweet.
After bedtime, I strung the felt balls on the thread and hung it up!

The thread is probably not as sturdy as embroidery thread or twine,
so I don’t plan on storing this away after the holidays in fear that it will get very tangled.
I plan to find a another place for it around the house.

diy felt ball garland

diy felt ball garland

Check out Amanda’s take on felt ball garland.


The second garland was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Ashley Ann at Under the Sycamore.
I picked up my Christmas themed fabric and felt at JoAnn’s Fabrics.
The small sheets for felt were 34 cents a piece and an 1/8 of a yard of fabric was less than one dollar,
so I would say that this was a pretty cheap project.
It would have been nice to have pre-cut fabric circles, but I cut out my circles during naptime while watching Parks & Rec.
My circles or squares are definitely not perfect, but they will do.

diy fabric felt garland

My supplies included fabric squares, felt circles, scissors, and a sewing machine.
Once I had my pattern laid out, I started sewing. I left and came back to this project several times,
but finally got it done!


I hung it up on the pantry door around my chalkboard.
Kenley’s response was “wow, that’s boo-ti-ful. Mommy made that.” Melt. my. heart.
If it’s boo-ti-ful in her eyes, that’s all that matters!

diy fabric felt garland chalkboard

diy fabric felt garland chalkboard

Have you made any felt garland lately? Link in the comments, I’d love to see it!


Looking for more (p)inspiration? Check out these other bloggers participating in A Pinterest Christmas!

Amanda @ Without a Doubt
Misha @ emerald city diaries
Maggi @ Greg, Maggi & Rodney
Abbi @ The Peña Family


Click here for last year’s projects!

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