Our Hospital Bag(s)

Now that Crosby is over a month old, I figured it was high time to share what we packed in our hospital bags.
I mentioned that I intentionally did not pack a lot this time around.
We brought way too much during Kenley’s birth and while our hospital stay was much longer,
we didn’t use or need half of what we brought.


For mommy:

Nursing gown + robe
Fuzzy socks
Nursing tank + yoga capris + hoodie
Coming home dress (maternity)
Flip flops
Lanolin cream

I lived in my fuzzy socks. It was freezing in the hospital and they were so comfy and warm!


I was planning on wearing home a maxi dress that I brought, but opted for the yoga capris, nursing tank, and hoodie.
I had no desire to look cute a mere thirty-some hours after giving birth. Luckily, the dress didn’t take up too much room.
This time around, I did end up wearing my nightgown and robe that I brought from home, unlike last time.
Recovery wise, I felt so much better this time around, so after I showered, I definitely wanted to get into my own clothes.
The lanolin cream is a MUST HAVE in your bag (and in life for the first two weeks).
For what it’s worth, I also have learned that the Medela brand is better than the Lansinoh brand.

For daddy:


Greg literally had the clothes on his body. When he was getting dressed for the hospital,
he grabbed the jeans I had packed for him out of the bag, so he didn’t even have a change of clothes other than the hoodie.
I think a pair of pajama pants would have been helpful since he slept in his jeans, but he didn’t mind.

For baby:

Two nightgowns (with mittens)
Two aden + anais swaddle blankets
Gender specific coming home outfits (two since we didn’t know the gender)
Infant car seat

I had completely forgotten to pack a little hat and headband in the bag, so that was on the list for my mom to bring with her.
Luckily, we got an adorable hat from the nursery nurse after his bath, and we didn’t end up needing a headband.
My mom also brought baby finger nail clippers, but we didn’t use them in the hospital either.
I nail clippers or baby nail files are both good to have.


Contacts + glasses
Makeup remover wipes
Tinted moisturizer & powder
Hair product
Toothbrushes + toothpaste


Two iPhones + chargers
iPad + charger
DSLR camera + charger
Books for Kenley (present from the baby)
Thank you gifts for nurses


I really wish I would have done little gifts last time around. The nurses were so appreciative of them,
just as we were so appreciative of our nurses!

Other than our cell phone chargers, we didn’t use the iPad charger or my camera battery charger,
but I would definitely pack them again, just in case we were there for longer than expected.

I had every intention of bringing my breast pump and Boppy pillow to leave in the car,
but in the rush to get out of the house after my water broke, those did not make it.
The good news is that I would not have used either, so I’m glad we didn’t bring them.

Another thing that I forgot from last time was the amount of stuff that you bring home from the hospital.
Other than baby, we also brought home all the diapers and free stuff we could get our hands on.
Not to mention tons and tons of paperwork and any gifts you receive.
I would recommend leaving a little space in your bag (or bringing an extra bag)
to haul home all that kind of stuff.

There you have it!
Anything I forgot?

2 thoughts on “Our Hospital Bag(s)

  1. No, I’d say that just about covers it!
    Kendra, you should have your own column in in an expectant Mom’s magazine, or at least submit your nice, detailed list for them to print. “I believe that your advice from ‘seasoned veteran’ would be a hit — a real public service to all those rookies. Bonne journee !

  2. I made the same M&M thank you gifts for the nursing staff! I only wish I would have brought them inside the hospital earlier. I had two bags (one for labor and one for recovery) and of course I packed the M&Ms in the recovery bag. So, my favorite nurse who helped me during labor didn’t get a thank you gift! So sad 😦 Next time, I’ll do this differently.

    A second bag to bring home extra stuff/gifts is a great idea! We (or I should say my husband) had to make two trips to carry everything out to our car.

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