Our First Trip to Magic Kingdom

We had our first official Disney World experience at the Magic Kingdom on Friday.


My goal for the day was to be go-with-the-flow and not get stressed out.
I think I did a great job of that, however, Greg may have other opinions.
We rode a few rides that were great for Kenley and she was wonderful waiting in line.
The longest line posted was 30 minutes, but we never waited more than 10-15 on anything,
without fast passes, which was so nice.


Glitter Stripe Terry Dress


Our first ride was the tea cups!

By the time we were done with our first ride, it was lunch and nap time.
Surprise, surprise, we didn’t get to the park as early as we would have liked.
Kenley went right to sleep and Crosby slept most of the time we were there.


Baby Jogger City Select 2013 Stroller w/2nd Seat, Amethyst

While they were napping, Greg and I walked through the Swiss Robinson Family tree house,
one of Greg’s favorites, then it was right back to ride rides!
We also rode Aladdin’s Carpet, Dumbo (or ephelants, as Kenley would say), and Under the Sea!



Much to our surprise, we found out that they were taping the Christmas Day special and parade that day.
This meant there would be only one parade at 5pm and apparently some other fun activities throughout the day.
As soon as we were in the park we saw Lara Spencer from Flea Market Flip!
We also got to see the taping of the Ne-Yo concert, complete with fireworks.



As it was nearing parade time (our one chance to see Mickey), we wanted to make sure we got a good spot on Main Street,
also a spot that was semi-close to the exit. We got to our spot around 4:45pm,
but since the parade began at Splash Mountain, it didn’t get to us until around 5:15pm.
Kenley had no idea what we were waiting for, so she was a little restless, but as soon as it started, she was hooked.



Mickey & Minnie were on the lead float, so we didn’t have to wait until the end to see them.

Spoiler alert, here is the Christmas Day parade.








Here are a few pointers and how we survived our day.
Purchase tickets in advance or account for time standing in the ticket line.
We brought in a small cooler full of snacks, but I wish I would have brought some waters.
We took full advantage of the Baby Center. We changed diapers, I fed Crosby,
and we even bought some children’s Advil for Kenley who wasn’t feeling well.
It is very convenient!
It worked well for (both of) us to switch Crosby from the stroller to the wrap throughout the day.
Download the Disney app, so helpful! It has a map, wait times, etc.
We had every intention of heading back to the hotel room to nap,
but having a stroller that reclined was great!
It was great having Meemaw with us for our first time so the ratio of adults to children was 3:2;
and now we know we can survive the next time we venture to Walt Disney World!

Overall, our first trip to Magic Kingdom was magical!

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