my weekend in photos

friday morning we were busy wrapping gifts in the bedroom.
kenley’s job was to put them under the tree…apparently in a line.
i literally laughed out loud.

i was getting jealous of all of the winter wonderland photos in my instagram feed.
the grass is always greener, isn’t it?
i guess our view wasn’t so bad either.


i headed over to the atomic holiday bazaar while we were in sarasota to visit sally’s booth
and picked up this adorable ornament. isn’t he cute?


all ready for grammy’s birthday party!
hair clip /// toddler scarf

hi, we are the gilbertson’s.
we like navy blue, stripes, and the gap.
stripe sweater /// contrast print t /// velour footed leggings


we timed our drive back from sarasota during nap time.
unfortunately, someone boycotted her nap, got overtired, and threw a couple tempter tantrums.



after a successful nap once we arrived home, we decorated christmas cookies!



the girls had a great time.
both decorating the cookies and shoving them in their mouth.


this little man had a rough afternoon, so there were lots of snuggles.


we had quite the eventful weekend, visiting grammy and seeing family.
how was your weekend?

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