26 Months

It’s crazy how much can change in just a couple days, let alone a month!
Kenley’s teacher made a comment this week about how they thought she was talking a lot before,
now it’s full on sentences and conversations.

What’s so crazy is the association with things and how good her memory is.
We have talked about her friend Fenn’s birthday party for weeks (as she has at school too).
As soon as she starts talking about it, she mentions the ball pit (which she played in)
and Elmo (who made a guest appearance). Most of the time she will also mention the cupcake that she ate.
We went to a couple other parties in November, so if you ask her about Cooper’s birthday, then she’ll talk about bouncing and pizza.
If you ask her about Charlie’s birthday party, then it’s playing at “Charlie’s park”.

Same is true for our trip to Disney. If she sees or talks about a castle, then her mind immediately
goes to the parade, then to Mickey and Minnie, and the rides we rode, elephants and the tea cups.
While coming back from Sarasota, we drove by a hotel that resembled a castle, thus sparking the whole conversation.

Greg and I get a kick out of just asking her tons of questions and seeing what she comes up with.

Our favorite song at the moment is this hello song that I imagine they sing each morning at school.
She usually will sing to most of her friends in her class, as well as her teachers, then to us.
Here is one version where the phone gets a shout out too.

The pretend play has really taken off in the last couple of weeks.
She loves to pretend that she’s shopping at the store and buying things.
We love getting reports from school about what she pretended that day.
The other day she made salad for lunch for daddy and had a “store” set up on the playground.
She has become a little mommy to all of her babies and stuffed animals, changing their diapers and taking care of them.
She has quite the imagination.

We had a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Christmas next week.
Fact: holidays are way more fun when you have children, especially when they know what’s going on.
Since we are on the birthday kick, we talk about how it’s Jesus’ birthday on Christmas.
As we walk around the neighborhood looking at lights, she points out baby Jesus, Santa, the reindeer, and Frosty the “no-man”.
We have an Elf named Pickles and Kenley knows she’s supposed to find him each morning.
Sometimes she spots him immediately and other times she needs some help.
She always says “where’s elf?” and then “he moved!”.
We visited Santa at the mall and have been watching a lot of the “Mickey Saves Santa” episode of MMC.
I put presents out early so she could see them under the tree all wrapped up.
The first day was pure torture, but then she got it and has been great ever since.
She hasn’t tried to open any and knows we will open them on Christmas.
I definitely don’t think she fully understand the extent of what’s going to go down on Christmas Day,
but that’s the fun part! I expect her to be slightly overwhelmed and also expect her to want to play
with Crosby’s toys more than her own… and that’s ok too.

Some of her other frequent phrases include:

What’s that?
Who’s here?
It not loud, don’t be (s)cared! — Usually about the vacuum, giving herself a pep talk.
Where (Mommy) go?
That my little brother!
I need vitamin! — Approximately 30 times a day.
How about (s)nack or something?
I need cheese!
That was so fun! — Since I usually ask “was that so fun?”
Crosby awake, he not sleeping. — While poking his open eyes.
Oh no, what happened?

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