Making 2014 Count

It was fun to look back at our 2013 goals to see what we accomplished, and what is still a work in progress.
Here is a quick recap before we look forward to 2014.
(1.) Greg and I did a pretty good job of getting in date nights. We have a great babysitter we can count on and we aren’t afraid to call her. Each time my family was in town, we made a point to take advantage of the free babysitting.
(2.) We rocked our to-do list of projects for the house. There will always be projects, but we had a great time in 2013 transforming our new house into a home. My quilt, however, was put on hold.
You win some, and you lose some.
(3.) I did a pretty good job of getting behind my DSLR, but I still need a lot of work. I don’t think I will ever master my camera, so this is a constant work in progress, and I’m ok with that!
(4.) We struggled this year with our church-going. Plain and simple. There were several different factors for this, but ultimately the responsibility is on us. We need to get better.
(5.) Having fun and enjoying the ride. Done and done!

Now, on to making 2014 count.
I think my goals this year will resemble a lot of my goals from 2012.
We are in a similar spot as we were two years ago.
(1.) I, again, want to get back my pre-pregnancy body. So far, it hasn’t been happening as quickly as it did last time (thank you second child). My plan is to start running and working out. I would love to run the 2014 OUC Half Marathon again this year OR a Disney half marathon at the beginning of 2015. I know this goal is possible because I have already done it, I just think it will be a little more challenging with two kiddos, instead of just one!
(2.) I will be more intentional about having ‘technology free’ time, both during the week and on the weekends. So many times do I find myself playing with Kenley and also checking my phone; or enjoying time with Greg in the evening and both of us sitting on our phones or laptops. I want to be more present in the moment and not be so attached to social media. There are just times that we need to unplug.
(3.) Related (or unrelated), I want to continue to grow this blog. I want to document Crosby’s life as we have done Kenley’s thus far. I never thought I would say this but blogging and writing has become therapeutic for me. I really enjoy it and would much rather be putting effort into our blog than sitting on Facebook mindlessly scrolling through my newsfeed.
(4.) Since I was home on maternity leave this holiday season, i went ALL OUT decorating our house for Christmas. I have a plethora of Christmas decor now, but not really much for the other holidays. I plan to really decorate for the holidays and seasons throughout the year. This could mean buying decor or actually doing some of the projects I’ve pinned on Pinterest.
(5.) I’m sure some you know this about me, but I don’t cook. Greg is responsible for our dinners most nights of the week. It’s pretty much a running joke in my family. I blame it on the fact the I lived in the sorority house, then moved right in with Greg. I never had to cook for myself! However, I would love to change that this year, especially with my new Christmas gift, a KitchenAid mixer! I also would love to do a better job meal planning and trying new recipes. Again, maybe implement some of the recipes I have pinned on Pinterest!


I’m linking up today with Little Baby Garvin, which prompted me to think about a word for 2014.
This year my word is RELAX.
My brother is always giving me a hard time about how we are always on the go,
so I want to take some more time this year to just RELAX.
I also found myself pretty stressed out during this holiday season.
Why do we do this to ourselves?
That’s what I’m going to do this year.


What are your 2014 goals?
Do you choose a word? What is it?

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