Ten Weeks

ten weeks

Crosby had a big week.
I started back to work for a couple days, meaning he was home with my parents and daddy.
He took his bottles like a champ, despite his tummy aches afterwards.
I cannot believe he’s drinking 5 ounce bottles.
I don’t recall when Kenley moved up to 5 ounces, but I don’t think it was this soon.

He also took his first nap in his crib!
He has been napping like a champ in his swing, rock-n-play, and car seat,
but the few times we’ve tried the crib it didn’t go so well.
He sleeps in his crib all night, but just not during the day.
Yesterday, I loosely swaddled him with the swaddle blanket and he slept!

Thankfully, his stuffiness is finally gone!
We had thought he had a super long cold that we couldn’t kick (hence the couple trips to the doctor),
but we (and our doctor) came to realize that is was just newborn congestion the whole time.
Apparently it subsides between two and three months, which seems to be the case with him.
I find it funny that I had the pregnancy congestion and stuffy nose when I was pregnant with Kenley,
but I didn’t have it at all when I was pregnant with Crosby, yet he had it for about eight weeks.
Poor little fella.

Despite his very serious face in most of his photos, he is starting to smile more and more.
It doesn’t get much better than that!

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