my weekend in photos


life is more fun with coordinating bags.


saturday morning i did the color run!
i had been wanting to do it for a while and was out of town last year.
i knew i didn’t want to wait another whole year to go it, so even though i am not back in race-running shape, i signed up anyway.

#happiest5k #colorrun


After!! So much fun and we ran the whole time! #happiest5k #colorrun

we planned on walking and chatting, which turned into running through the colors,
which turned into running the whole 5k!
i didn’t even turn on my watch, so i have no idea how we did… and i’m perfectly fine with that!

seriously, happiest 5k!
[[ don’t worry, my phone was inside a ziplock ]]


kenley talked about mommy being messy the whole day.


i have no idea how babies ‘r us expects you to shop with your baby in a car seat.
worst shopping carts ever!



I had so much fun throwing a sprinkle today for a baby boy who will be here so soon! #sprinkleseverywhere

i hosted a sprinkle for a friend today.
there were sprinkles everywhere! [[ more pics to come! ]]

greg got a pineapple slicer in his stocking and he is officially obessed.


someone had to try the chopsticks during dinner.
she eventually had rice down her shirt.


we had a good weekend, but it sure went by fast!
how was your weekend?

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